Seeking Help in Your Relationship

There are many reasons that might trigger your thoughts on seeking counselling. It may stemmed from a relationship that is becoming difficult over the months or years. You may also find it hard to communicate with your partner or spouse. In fact, sometimes you may find it easier to confide in a friend or colleague rather than your spouse or partner.

There might be many causes for a relationship that doesn't seem to go in the way that you would have wanted. Couples usually enter into a relationship with each other with some forms of expectations. Some expectations are clear spoken and understood, and many times assumed that the other party should know.

When these expectations are not meet, they usually led to disappointments, sadness and frustration with the other party. Are these expectations a must-have in this relationship, or are they shaped by what you have seen in other couples? Is it possible to work out an agreed set of expectations within this relationship that is equally fulfilling and realistic for the couple?

Usually when a relationship have come to a point where it is difficult to communicate constructively to each other - it would be often beneficial to seek a professional counsellor. An experienced and professionally trained counsellor will work with the couple to better understand the dynamics of the couple, and how to tap on the strengths of each other as well as to complement each other where their own strengths have fallen short.

Moving ahead in the relationship or marriage in a happy and constructive way is often built on the foundation of a common goal in the relationship. If there are an agreed set of expectations and goals with the relationship, the couple can definitely move forward together on a stronger

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