In this interview, Associate Counsellor from The Counselling Paradigm, Mr Jason Tan shared about counselling with children and teenagers in Singapore. Jason holds a Degree in Social Work, and has a Masters in Counselling (Australia). He works with a wide range of clients , including children and youth.

Losing someone who was very dear to you can be a very traumatic experience. We all do grief somewhat differently in our lives.

A recent research article explained that suicide and heart attack were the top causes of deaths among 15- to 49-year-olds in Singapore last year, accounting for 337 lives. The study was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with other collaborative internationally. It would be worthy for counselling professionals in Singapore and Asia to investigate and find out more about the findings from this study to better understand what are the crucial mental health care needs that could be address further in their locality.

There are many reasons that might trigger your thoughts on seeking counselling. It may stemmed from a relationship that is becoming difficult over the months or years. You may also find it hard to communicate with your partner or spouse. In fact, sometimes you may find it easier to confide in a friend or colleague rather than your spouse or partner.

Mr Willy Ho is the Founder and Lead Counsellor at The Counselling Paradigm, Singapore. They provide counseling and psychotherapy services for couples and individuals with different areas of presenting issues. In this interview, we explore common issues faced by couples and how the marriage can be further strengthened during the counselling process.

We all face stress in our lives. When stress kicks in, we may become vulnerable. We coop ourselves and refuse to talk about it. Depression may slip and slide in and make us feel physically and emotionally drained and tired. We may express our stressed in different ways. Some of us may choose to be alone instead of hanging out with our friends. We may find ourselves crying more often, or even losing our patience ever more than before. 

Most of us made choices of our career based on inputs from friends and loved ones. However, should be strictly based on career choices based on others?
Is it ok to pursue something that we truly want to do even though the pay scale is different from what we used to have?

Based on the official statistics released, it is interesting to take note on the trends of marriage and divorce in Singapore. What might be the causes leading to the increasing trends? It will be worthwhile for Counselling Professionals and Researchers to gain deeper insight into the possible causes.

With the inset of the internet era, some people are turning towards online counselling instead of face-to-face counselling.
Should you even consider online counselling? It seemed that some people describe their face-to-face counselling as more effective than online counselling.

Most of us encounter different opinions with our spouses or boyfriend. For some couples, the frequency are much more intensive than others. Too many arguments can make a relationship very difficult. Nobody wants to come home and face a difficult relationship.

Rob Flood discusses her first argument with her spouse after the honeymoon below: